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Turn on and off’s in therapy

Updated: Jun 26

So todays blog is more of a ponder than a learning post, but i often wonder what people look for in a therapist. As therapists we don’t really know how others work through sessions being confidential and I know with my clients not one session is ever the same. So what is it that draws you to a therapist.

When i am considering therapists personally, lived experience of some sort is helpful especially with neurodivergence and self- employment, both which come with struggles. I also need to be able to connect in other ways though so relatability, a sense of humour, empathy, trust (this is built) and feeling able to drop the mask without judgement.

But I realised that most of the things I need in a therapist probably involve self disclosure, which is said in the counselling world to only be relevant to a client if it then helpful to them, but i don’t think this conversation around needing self disclosure comes up very often. I am honest with all my clients as in that I have ADHD, a child and some trauma and addiction issues from the past which led me into this work.

I’m wondering where the self disclosure thing came from really and the reluctance to do so, In work such as psychodynamic where you need to more so play roles i can see the benefit, but can we truly be ourselves whilst being faceless.

I wonder how much my clients consider this and if it is helpful for them, it may be something i bring to the room soon, for my own understanding and for the betterment of their sessions with me too.

Also what are your ‘turn offs’ from a therapist? I struggle with CBT sometimes as a client as most of the techniques i know or have tried and struggle to maintain, and need deeper conversations and understanding of self. Which has been a pleasant realisation as when looking at therapists myself, i have been able to share this and negotiate the work better too.

That’s all my pondering for today, but i’d love a conversation on this if anyone would like to message me :)


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